WORK2021 II – ReGrow Researchers

Second part of the series of three WORK2021 conferences is on its way. ReGrow Researcher Tero Kuusi will hold workshop regarding “Climate Change and Work”. The Workshop discusses the transition towards environmental sustainability will cause disruptions on the economic system in the coming decades. ReGrow Researchers Anne Kovalainen and Seppo ...
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Upcoming: Interesting Survey Results in Technology Industry

ReGrow researchers Anne Kovalainen & Seppo Poutanen have made a survey for companies in the technology industry regarding the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in their business activities and a situation on research & development and university cooperation. The study has gained many interesting results and the survey is currently ...
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ReGrow’s introductory video released!

The EtlaTalks video presents the starting points, objectives and research already carried out in the ReGrow project. Etla’s Research Director Tero Kuusi and Research Director Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö will discuss the topic. The project video was produced by Veräjämäen Viestintä Oy. Watch the video on Etlatalsk website! Video is in Finnish.
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New publication: The Role of the Largest Companies in the Finnish Economy

ReGrow researchers Tero Kuusi & Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö have published a study on the role of the largest companies in the Finnish economy. According to the results, the list of ten largest companies in terms of their domestic value added is diverse and includes companies operating in the manufacturing industry, the ...
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Structural Change in the ICT Sector – Where Have Former Nokia Employees Ended up?

ReGrow researcher Jyrki Ali-Yrkkö has examined together with Etla research group the employment status of workers who left Nokia during the period 2009–2014. The results reveal that the workers were quite successful in finding employment. According to the latest available data, more than three-quarters of these individuals found a new ...
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The ReGrow project explores key current and future economic issues in the era of the data economy and platform economy

The project, which was created on the basis of cooperation within the SWiPE consortium, reunites researchers from Etla and the University of Turku to topics of platform economy and data economy. ReGrow is a project funded by Business Finland’s Co-Innovation funding. It started in autumn 2020 and will last until ...
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