The ReGrow project explores key current and future economic issues in the era of the data economy and platform economy

The project, which was created on the basis of cooperation within the SWiPE consortium, reunites researchers from Etla and the University of Turku to topics of platform economy and data economy. ReGrow is a project funded by Business Finland’s Co-Innovation funding. It started in autumn 2020 and will last until 2022. The project aims to collect high-quality and diverse new information on factors that affect economic innovation and adaptability. This information supports the national innovation strategy and contributes to the development of new practices. The research work has started actively during the autumn 2020, and the first results are expected already in spring 2021.

Check out the project themes and researchers through the Project Page on the website. Follow ReGrow also on Twitter @ReGrowResearch!

The ReGrow project is also involved in the planning of the WORK2021 conference organised by the Turku Centre for Labour Studies at the University of Turku. WORK conference has been organised every two years since 2013. The contents and themes of the conference will focus on topical research on work and working life in a multidisciplinary and international way. WORK2021 is the fifth WORK in its series and it will be organised as a virtual conference series in August, October and December 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information about the conference can be found on the conference website and on Twitter @WORK2021fi.

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